The Rise Pro Group

Get weekly face time with the Rise Team and join an exclusive community of creative entrepreneurs.


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Share, learn & grow together.

Looking for your people? We know where to find them.
The Rise Pro group is an exclusive and thriving community of creative entrepreneurs sharing their daily challenges and finding real solutions from their peers and from us.

With over 200 members, by joining this tight-knit group, you will immediately expand your network of people to learn from and collaborate with. Business owners, designers, developers, podcasters, marketers, writers and so on. And from all corners of the world.


Weekly face time with The Rise team.

As a member of the Rise Pro Group, you’ll get access to our weekly video calls where you can ask any of us (including Ryan) questions, and get them answered right then and there.

Better yet, you will also gain entry to a library of over 120 hours of previous Pro Group video calls covering topics like strategy, pricing, sales, marketing, project management and a whole lot more.

These calls and recordings are exclusive to the Rise Pro Group—you won’t get them anywhere else.


What you get:

Facebook Group

Join our private Facebook Group of creative entrepreneurs. Ask questions, share your challenges, and get real feedback from both your peers and those with far more experience. This online community is the heart of Rise.

Weekly Video Calls

Once a week, every week, The Rise management team will host a video call for you join in on. We make presentations, share stories about creative business and field questions from everyone on the call. This is exclusive to this group—you can't get it anywhere else.

Library of
Weekly Calls

Not only will you get weekly face time with Ryan and the Rise team, but you will also get access to a massive library of past video calls. They cover topics like strategy, pricing, sales, marketing, project management to name a few.

10% off Courses
& Products

You’re going to learn so much from the Pro Group, but couple that with our courses and products and you will be a force to be reckoned with. And as a Pro Group member, you'll save a few bucks while you're at it.

Who is the Pro Group for?

We created the Pro Group as a community of people that are serious about change and development. In both themselves and their businesses. There are members from all areas of business—designers, marketers, developers, musicians—you name it. The Pro Group is a place where you can meet, connect with and get help from other people with your same mindset, every day.

  • Freelancers


    Looking to take your one-person shop to the next level? Rub digital elbows with those who are currently walking that path.

    • Gain insight from both your peers and people running bigger studios.
      Learn from the pros.
    • Ask questions and get immediate answers from the community (and us!)
    • Get access to hours of real discussion about strategy, pricing and working with clients
  • Agency Owners

    Agency Owners

    Looking for a support system of likeminded people? Look no further.

    • Connect with and share insights from fellow business owners, just like you.
    • Get your business questions answered by a variety of smart and experienced people.
    • Interested in CORE? Get access to 7+ hours of calls on the topic.
  • Any Creative Entrepreneur

    Okay, maybe you're not a designer or an agency owner, but you still need help with your business. The Pro Group is a good place to start.

    • Learn key business principles that can be applied directly to what you do.
    • Expand your business network into other creative areas and cultures.
    • Connect with other entrepreneurs and exchange insight and experiences.

Meet your resident mentors

Every week, we will set aside a couple of hours to host a live, video call for the Rise Pro Group. Each of the host have a unique background and experience to bring to the table and share. Sometimes it's a prepared lecture, other times it's an open-ended Q&A session centered around one topic.

No matter how you slice it, you will get a ton of value by tuning in every week. And if you can't make it that day, no sweat. You can always watch it later—along with the other hundreds of video calls in the library.